How NOT to Manage Online Outsourced Business Marketing

When you decide to outsource online business marketing, you are making a smart decision to get resources you currently don’t have to do a job that needs doing. Too many companies that do not have marketing expertise just don’t do much marketing. The result is stunted business growth and in many cases, loss of market share — especially if your industry has competition that does do marketing quite well. Finding ways to outsource online marketing can help you ensure your website gets traffic and the right traffic can translate to profits.By outsourcing your business marketing needs to a professional, you free up your company’s resources to allow you to continue to do what you do well. Marketing activities can bring in new business and help you maximise the potential for future sales with existing customers as well. Marketing doesn’t just help you grow but helps you sustain changes in the market place. But before you outsource your marketing to just anyone, you’ll want to be sure that you don’t make critical judgement errors that could cost you money and do more harm than good.Types of TrafficWhat sorts of traffic is a marketing company promising to bring you? Not all web-based traffic is equal. A skilled marketing company knows how to attract the type of traffic that is most likely to buy from you. They will do research to figure out how to appeal to your target demographic. The wrong marketing consultant may help you get generic traffic but will that do much good? Probably not.Black Hat MarketingSome marketers promise to get you great results with your website by making tweaks and changes. But if they are using “black hat” techniques, the results will be very short lived and could result in your site being blacklisted with search engines. Search engines have rules and guidelines that they look at when ranking websites and sending traffic and any attempt to “game” the system can have dire consequences. When looking at which marketing company and which marketing approach to take, be sure that the company you are dealing with is not using anything considered, by search engines, to be unethical.Too AggressiveWhilst aggression is necessary in business, being too aggressive with online marketing could result in problems. Privacy laws need to be followed and the wrong approach with potential customers will turn them “off” and leave your company looking like a run-of-the-mill spammer. Be cautious that your marketer follows ethical guidelines with respect to customer contact, mailing lists, and general marketing practises.Campaigns that are too aggressive in nature could also mean trouble for your business. You need to be able to cope with increasing volumes and a skilled consultant can help you reach targeted growth objectives that are at a manageable level. Too much / too soon and you could fail miserably with new customers and old customers as well.A specialised outsourced business marketing company or consultant will know how to handle marketing at a pace and level that will be comfortable for you and for your customers and that will help you reach your business goals without jeopardising your reputation or any inroads you have already made with your online audience.