Understanding The Power Of Reading Christian Books For A Successful Christian Life

How often do you read Christian books? The power of reading cannot be overemphasized and when you exercise that power in reading Christian stuff, your life gets better many times over than when you don’t read them. Christian books are a life-support system for a victorious Christian life. This article helps you to understanding why reading Christian literature is vital for a successful Christian life.Bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas when you come-and the books, especially the parchments – 2 Timothy 4:13 (NKJV)and consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation-as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, has written to you – 2 Peter 3:15 (NKJV).When I was younger still in my parents’ house, I noticed that my mum did the buying of the Christian books most of the time and my father did the reading of these books most of the time. My father handled anxiety far better than my mother; in fact she felt it was her duty to worry. When I became more matured in the Lord, having been reading Christian books, I concluded that if my mother read the books she was buying more, anxiety wouldn’t have been a problem for her.Christian literature from proven authors are like explanatory manuals for the bible. God is no more writing scriptures to be added to the existing bible, but He is writing books now. Just like the scriptures never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21), so also these Christian books are written by holy men and women that were moved by the Holy Spirit.Paul, the apostle both read and wrote books. His books were so important to him that the ones he forgot at Troas, he had to ask Timothy to bring for him – 2 Timothy 4:13. And Peter obviously read books written by Paul too as 2 Peter 3:15-16 implies.The books of the New Testament after the four gospels are books that give deeper understanding of the gospel of Christ. The authors wrote according to the revelations they got from the Holy Spirit. Even so now, Christian believers write according to the revelations they get from the Holy Spirit and they give deeper understanding of the gospel of Christ too.Many times, while reading the scriptures, there are some scriptures that won’t be very clear to you but when you hear a teacher teach on it, comparing scriptures with scriptures (rightly dividing the word of truth – 2 Timothy 2:15) and comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:13), as revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, your eyes of understanding become enlightened – Ephesians 1:17-18There is power in reading Christian literature. I have always believed that it is wisdom to watch what you eat and drink as you get older even when you believe that God will satisfy you with long life (Psalm 91:1, 16). But I didn’t have the strong will to work on it faithfully until I read in a book, “fulfilling your days” by David O Oyedepo, that long life is a product of wisdom and understanding. He used Proverbs 3:13-16 and Proverbs 4:7-10 to buttress this truth. The willingness to control what I drink and eat came on me after reading that.These books given by inspiration of God, are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, so that a Christian may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work – 2 timothy 3:16-17.Furthermore, God uses these inspired books to communicate revelations to millions. The author puts it down in a book, you read it and share with A and A shares it with B, B shares with C and chain continues down generations. This revelation remains long after the author is gone. This is in line with 2 Timothy 2:2, where Paul told Timothy, “The things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”These Christian books carry answers to your questions, solutions to your problems and are guides to how to turn your tests to testimonies and your trials to triumph. So, if you have any challenge, get Christian books on that topic by proven authors, read them till your eye of understanding is enlightened. God, with the help of Holy Spirit will give you a solution through the books.I heard a testimony of a woman in a wheel chair, who got her healing by reading a book on healing. While reading it, without taking note of what she was doing, she got up from the chair to do something, only to realize that she actually walked from her chair to the place where she needed to do something. Obviously, the book jacked her faith so high that she already saw herself walking with her two legs. Her spirit had soaked in this truth so much that her flesh had no choice but to obey it. That was the power of reading at work.Also, in these Christian books you read the testimonies of people with issues related to your issue, you read of how God took care of their issues and your faith in God that He would do the same for you comes alive, and before long you are sharing your testimony too. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelations 19:10) which when you receive is fulfilled in your life too.Again, like iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17), these Christian literature sharpen your spiritual life. You read of people on fire for God and you want to be on fire for God too. You read of how people are enjoying victory over the enemy and you are fired up to walk in the same victory. No inspired Christian stuff ever leaves you the same if you will open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you.I have discovered from my own experience that a successful Christian life will be a struggle without these inspired books. Any time I go on break from reading them, my spiritual fire goes down. I may be reading the scriptures, getting revelations, walking right before God, but it is never the same compared to when I combine these with reading Christian books. So, I have resolved to read at least two or three pages a day, no matter how busy I may be, and often I succeed in reading many more pages at the end.Now, you may wonder how to know the proven authors if you are a baby Christian or new to reading books. I will suggest how I started. I started off with my pastor and his mentors. At least, I have listened to my pastor, he teaches nothing but the word of God and his life style is exactly what he teaches; so, I was safe reading his and his mentors’ books. Then when people I know who love God and are walking in obedience to Him talk about other authors who have imparted their lives, I also check those books too. In all, I behave like the Berean Christians (Acts 17:11), I check up what I read with scriptures and I open up to the Holy Spirit for His guidance too. Now, I can go to any book shop and with the help of the Holy Spirit buy books to read.Truly, there is power in reading Christian books. A successful and victorious Christian life may end up being only a dream without them. God is not writing any new book of the bible but He is writing books today through inspired men and women. One book in relation to your challenge may be the key you need to come out of that predicament. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the right book today and you will be the next to share your testimony.

Plan and Execute an Effective Virtual Book Tour

A virtual book tour is when people from around the globe talk about your book via their blog and/or social media accounts. Your book promotional presentation gets the word out to your personal connections and the people within your local community. A virtual book tour, if planned properly, has the potential of reaching thousands of potential readers around the globe.So how do you get started?Research.I know, research is that assignment from your English teacher that you always hated. It usually involved long trips to the local library and pouring through reference books to gather information. Lucky for you, research can now be done from the comfort of your own lap top.What are you researching? You are looking for people who have an active presence on the web with a community of faithful followers. If you have written a YA novel, you will want to seek out other authors in that community who would be willing to read and talk about your book. The same is true for your non-fiction how-to manual – seek out those in the industry with an audience that would be willing to chat about your book.Where do you look?Start by reviewing the blogging community. Google has created a search program just for blogs. Google Blog SearchSearch for blogs in your genre or industry. For example – here is a list of the top Fiction Writers Blogs for 2015.Sci-fi and fantasy blog directory
Fiction blog directory
Non-fiction blog directorySpend time on some of the blogs looking for ones that have reviewed books or interviewed authors. You will also want to look for blogs that accept guest blog posts. This means that you can submit an article to them about your book.Make ContactThe next step is to contact those on your short list with the following request:I have self-published a new book entitled: The Name of Your Wonderful Book
(include the synopsis you worked on for your back cover content) and then ask if they would be willing to read your book and either write a review or be willing to interview you for their blog.Keep an excel file or chart of those you have contacted and then fill in the details as they become available:Name of the blog
Link to the blog
Contact person name
Phone number
Date of contact
Yes/No response
Date Sent book (PDF or hard copy)
Book Review (Y/N)
Book Interview (Y/N)
Personal submitted blog article(Y/N)
Date of Publication
Link to the ArticleKeep in mind that this will be a numbers game; the more people you contact, the more blogs that will be part of your virtual book tour. Every “no” gets you that much closer to the “yes.”Create a Schedule for your Virtual Book TourOnce you have a listing of those people willing to participate in your virtual book tour, create a calendar of the expected dates of review publication and/or your interview. Publish this listing on your website, talk about it on your blog and share the information on your social media sites:This coming Monday, Ida Notation will be interviewing me about my latest book The Name of Your Wonderful Book on her blog The Name of Her Blog. (Link to her blog)Part of the success of a virtual book tour is that not only do they talk about you and your book, but you are also promoting their blog.Mysteries and My Musings is a fun blog that offers a variety of examples of both reviews and author interviews. Here is a directory of the most recent interviews.Virtual Book TourOnce you have done the research and planted the seeds for global DOMINATION – you can create a little calendar for your website that looks something like this:April 2015Blog California (link to them) – book review of The Name of Your Wonderful Book
Blog Ohio (link to them) – an interview with me about The Name of Your Wonderful BookMay 2015Blog London (link to them) – book review of The Name of Your Wonderful Book
Blog Florida (link to them) – an interview with me about The Name of Your Wonderful BookJune 2015You get the ideaThis virtual tour can continue long after your book first hits the stands. Continue to stay in touch with the different blogs on your list.One More ThingRemember the adage of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?” Offer to participate in a virtual book tour for another writer(s). The more you keep your name out there, the more word will spread about your book and your brand!Bottom Line: Taking the time to create a virtual book tour will have long term benefits of getting the name out about The Name of Your Wonderful Book.Remember, what is published on the Internet – stays on the Internet.